Honorable Health Minister

Shri Sivananda S. Patil

Principal Secretary

Sri Jawaid Akhtar, I.A.S

Food Safety Commissioner

Sri Pankaj Kumar Pandey, I.A.S

License / Registration forms


  1. Licensing Authority ( Designated Officer )
  2. Registering Authority ( Food Safety Officer )

The License is mandatory for those FBO’s where annual turnover is Rs 12 lakhs or more. All other FBO’s whose turnover is less than Rs 12 lakhs should get themselves registered.

Sl.No. Forms
1 Application for central Licensing Authority: Online submission
2 Application for State or District Licensing : manual
List of food business falling under the purview of Central Licensing Authority:SCHEDULE 1 [See Regulation 2.1.2 (3)]
3 Application for Registration / Renewal of Registration under Food Safety and StandardsAct, 2006: SCHEDULE 2 Form A[See Regulations 2.1.1 and Regulations 2.1.7]
4 Application for License / Renewal of license under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006: SCHEDULE 2 Form B [See Regulation 2.1.2, Regulation 2.1.3 and Regulation 2.1.7]
5 Fee For Grant / Renewal Of License / Registrations SCHEDULE 3 [See Regulation 2.1.3]
6 Documents to be enclosed for new Application for License to Central/State Licensing Authorities : SeeAnnexure 2
7 Conditions of License : See Online submission
8 Annual Return by FBO : SeeForm-D 1(For business other than milk and milk products) Regulation 2.1.13
9 Half yearly return : See Form-D 2(For business of milk and milk products)

The fees paid by any applicant for a license shall not be refundable under any circumstances.

Issue of Duplicate registration or License

(1) Where a registration certificate or license is lost, destroyed, torn, defaced or mutilated, the applicant may apply for a duplicate copy of the registration certificate or license during the validity period, accompanied with a fee amounting to 10% of the applicable License fee.
(2) On receipt of such an application, the Licensing Authority shall grant a duplicate copy of the registration certificate or license, as the case may be to the applicant with the word "Duplicate" appearing prominently thereon. Mode of Payment

The payment shall be made by the Food Business Operator through Bank draft or online transfer or treasury challan or any other suitable means as specified by the Licensing Authority.